What is the success ratio?
It depends on the species to be hunted: Red stag 95%, Fallow deer 95%, Blackbuck 50%, Wild goat: 90%, Patagonian ram: 90%, Mouflon sheep: 75%, Multihorned sheep: 95%, Russian boar: 70%, Puma: 20 up to 50% depending the time of the year, Pere David’s deer: 90%, Water Buffalo 50%.

What happens if your Stag score is higher than the estimated by the guide?
When hunting Red Stag, it will be the responsibility of the guide to judge the stags score correctly and if any stag taken scores higher than estimated by the guide, the client will not be required to pay additional trophy fees.

Will you assist me with all the formalities related to my trophies?
Yes, of course. We strongly recommend exporting your trophies at a later date, the cost will depend on the size, height and weight of the crate to be exported.

What about travel arrangements?
You must ask your travel agent for a roundtrip airfare from your place to Buenos Aires, and also for the roundtrip domestic flight from Buenos Aires to San Carlos de Bariloche (BRC) or Chapelco (CPC).

What is the temperature like?
You can expect temperatures of approximately 25 – 70 degrees (F), depending on the time of year.

What are the hunting methods?
Hunts are conducted on 4WD vehicles. Final approach is done on foot. Hunters may expect to stalk around 7- 8 miles per day and it implies light hiking on relatively flat terrain.

Approximately how much game will be seen each day (or what is the area population of the game species pursued)?
Every day you should see shootable game. Game is very abundant.

What time of the year does each game species have its best horns, antlers or fur?
From the end of February up to the end of June for all deer species, except for the Pere David’s deer (which can only be hunted up to the end of May).

Is the hunt guided or self-guided?
Every hunt is fully guided by our very experienced guides. Hunts are 1 x 1 and 2 x 1.

What are the food and eating arrangements?
You will eat some deliciously prepared native home-style and international cooked meals in our dining room prepared by our exclusive chef. We can accommodate everything about any special health and dietary needs.

What language do the guides and lodge people speak?
Predominantly Spanish, but you can ask for an interpreter (at an extra cost). The general manager and other employees speak English.

How much hassle is there with locals or government officials (farmers, villagers, game wardens, etc.)?
None whatsoever. You will be hunting in private property.

How much rain can I expect for the time of year I’m going?
Some rain is to be expected since the weather is unpredictable; we recommend you bringing light rain gear. March and April are usually very dry, May and June get increasingly moist. However, given that the annual rainfall is 12 inches, not much rain can really be expected.

Do I need a hunting license?
Yes. This will be arranged by the outfitter upon your arrival. Cost for the hunting license is USD 200 (could be changed by authorities without notice).

Do I need to bring shooting sticks?
If you need shooting sticks, please bring the one of your preference. We stock a few but since there is such a wide array, we might not have the one you like.

Are there snakes at the ranch?
There are no snakes where the ranch is located.

Are foreign inoculations needed?