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Algar Safaris

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Getting to Argentina

Argentina is located in South America, in the southern part of it. All airlines flying to Argentina arrive mainly at Ezeiza (“Ministro Pistarini”) International Airport, which is 37 Km away from the City of Buenos Aires.

  • Currency & Payment methods

    The official Argentine currency is the Peso. There are bills of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 pesos, and coins of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents, as well as 1 and 2 pesos coins.

    US Dollars and Euros are generally accepted everywhere. Anyway, foreign currencies can be exchanged in banks and authorized bureaus. American Express, VISA, Diners and Master Card are widely accepted.

  • Medical

    Argentina is Malaria free. No vaccination certificate is required to enter the country.

  • Medical Evacuation

    Algar Safaris is proud to be partnered with Global Rescue, the leading provider of medical advisory, field rescue and medical evacuation services. As part of our longstanding commitment to client safety, we have identified Global Rescue as the best company to provide our clients with the protection they need in the event of a medical or security emergency. Fortunately incidents are very rare, but getting injured or becoming ill in a remote hunting or fishing location can be both a serious and costly matter. Global Rescue’s unique ability to conduct a field rescue and to evacuate a member to their home hospital, make them an obvious choice. We recommend our clients consider purchasing a 7-day membership. Click here to learn more

  • Travel documentation

    A Valid passport is required. No VISA is required for U.S. citizens. Argentinean reprocity tax: There is a reprocity charge of U$S 160, when American citizens arrive to our country and it is valid for 10 years. It is to be paid upon arrival by cash or credit card. Residents of other countries have to contact their nearest Argentine consulate to obtain this information.

  • Importation of firearms

    Algar Safaris will take care of helping you in introducing your shotgun or rifle into our country. Either in Buenos Aires international airport or in Cordoba international airport our staff will meet & greet you and help you in gun clearance. 3 months prior to your hunting trip, you will be sent a firearm permit form to be completed, so we can work on the advanced paperwork.

    Gun import permit is approximately U$S 134 each/gun (It may change by authorities). Three guns per person are allowed. Please, be aware that Renar does not allow people to come in with Semiauto Rifles. Also, ammunition and cartridges will have to be dispatched in a hard box by separate as a registered baggage and hunters are not allowed to bring ammo without their correspondent guns.

  • Expediting of trophies

    In Big Game hunting, Algar guarantees the exportation of your trophies in less than 4 months (provided there are no CITES animals in the export).