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Algar Safaris

Algar Safaris

Patagonia, most exciting
Red Stag hunting in the world!

Big Game

Hunting Season

From the beginning of March up to the end of June!

Our privately owned 85.000 acre (35.000 hectares) ranches are located in Patagonia, Argentina and we offer the best free range hunting experience and also fair chase hunting on our exclusive properties.

The scenic and hilly terrain is surrounded by rivers and furrowed by streams. The breathtaking views make this area the perfect habitat for the several species we offer including the majestic Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Blackbuck antelope, Russian Boar, Pere David’s Deer, Feral Oxen, European Mouflon, Hybrid Sheep, Somali Ram, Black Jacob’s Ram, Patagonian Dall, Patagonian Ram, Multi-horned Sheep, Wild Goat, Balearean Boc, Alpine Ibex and Puma. Hunters will find this country vast and open, making it easy to spot game from high vantage points. The captivating surroundings and the wilderness of the country provide the most demanding and experienced hunters with a once-in-a-lifetime hunting experience.

We are proud to hold the world’s third largest population of Pere David’s deer and Algar is the only place in the world where Pere David’s deer can be hunted free range.

In addition, you will find awesome Red Stag trophies in the hunting environment and this is the result of more than 20 years of hard work and strictness in the selection we have made.

We encourage bow hunters to hunt at our ranches; great trophies can also be taken with bow & arrow!

The hunts may be conducted on 4WD trucks making the stalk on foot or on horseback for those who like riding.


*Only available for Diamond

** NOTICE: As October 23rd, 2008, the inter-jurisdictional transportation and export of puma trophies is prohibited due to resolution 1624/2008 enacted by the Argentine national wildlife authority (Dirección de Fauna de la Nación). Notwithstanding the above, this prohibition in no way affects the continued hunting of puma in the Province of Neuquén, where our ranch is located. Therefore, hunting licenses (as well as permits), may be issued at a maximum amount of 1 (one) puma trophy per hunter per year and oficial SCI scoring and pictures will be offered to the hunter upon completion of the hunt. Hence, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO APPLY FOR AWARDS AND REGISTER YOUR TROPHY IN THE RECORD BOOK. You will not, however, be able to transport the puma outside the Province of Neuquén or export it from Argentina. Moreover, Algar will hold your trophy in storage, at no additional cost, for a period of five years, in case that the national wildlife authority reviews its current policy and authorizes the export of puma trophies in the future. Algar apologizes for the inconveniences that may arise from this matter.